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Virtual Reality: Future of digital world in Business

We all are living examples of the fact that pandemic has been a boost for the digital world. Before the pandemic we never imagined a life where we could study, work, collaborate, create, celebrate all through the digital world. However now, it is not even possible, but it has become a way to save time, money, energy and produce more output.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is another rising name in the digital world, which can serve undeniable potential and quality to us. Virtual reality (VR) – A simulated experience generated with the help of a computer that immerses the hearing and visual senses in such a way, that the user feels as if the experience is real.

VR (virtual reality) in India

VR is a computer-generated environment that is experienced with the help of a device called a virtual reality headset.

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Woman with smart glasses VR
Woman with smart glasses VR

This technology is not so recent, there are already around 183 virtual start-ups in India itself. Well known companies among them are

  1. Avtaar.me ( for personalized product visualisation)
  2. Foyr (for visualisation of real estate interior spaces)
  3. Quaqua (360° VR Content for tour activities)
  4. SmartVizX (interactive BR environment for multiple businesses)

And many more on the list.

Evolution of VR (virtual reality)

To everyone’s surprise, the first Virtual Reality has been invented a long time ago in the 1950s. On the other side, its throughout evolution took various years.

developing from the first head-mounted display (1968) to being called virtual reality (1980), to its mass production (1990), and production of its contemporary devices and now becoming an independent platform (2018).

All this journey of VR has been very long but worth all the quality it is ready to serve.  

Scopes of VR

VR is already known for its blue-chip experience in the gaming and entertainment world. But its potential and usage are more than just gaming and entertainment. Other sectors where this technology is useful are as follows.

1. Education sector

Yes, surprisingly VR can aid in education also. As VR provides a simulated experience that feels like reality, it definitely is capable of gaining the undeniable attention of students. Which in turn is beneficial in enhanced involvement of students in classrooms, teaching practical skills, learning languages and visiting far places from classrooms. For example – US Military and NASA use VR for training purposes.

2. Healthcare sector

From learning and performing surgeries through VR to treating patients suffering from depression with the help of simulation. VR is providing vast scope in the diagnostic area of health also. For example – CyclopsMed Tech. A VR based eye tracking solution for eye balancing and testing for vertigo, migraine, epilepsy, concussion.

3. Multiple businesses

Virtual reality is even capable of facilitating an interactive virtual environment for business meetings without any need for an office or desk.

4. Tourism sector

Through 360° VR Content for tours and activities, users can travel worldwide destinations and discover information about destinations from their homes.

5. Gaming and entertainment

VR is already known in this sector where the user feels as if they are in the game or the part of the movie they are watching. This advantage makes the experience more fun.

Shortcomings in Virtual Reality

With all its advantages VR also has some limitations for now. VR devices still need more accuracy in the coordination of virtual and hearing timing or coordination between our body movement and what appears in VR. Also, its usage should be for a limited time, as it’s not good for the eyes if used for longer periods of time.

Future with VR

As far as the pace with which technological advancement is going on, these shortcomings will also be gone in no time.

The latest 5g standard will also go hand in hand with more advancement in VR.

For now, virtual reality is already a milestone in the digital world, In future, it’ll be capable of serving enhanced educational experience, health care facilities, saving time, money and energy in travelling, and saving workforce in the business and health sector.

If various sectors start affording better quality VR and if it is used without getting into unhealthy addiction, then it definitely is the future of the digital world in every sector.

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